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We met Pam and her Allusion Shelties at the Fort Bend show in 2002. A friend of ours who had an Allusion Sheltie in agility had told us about Pam. We were looking for a puppy to fill the void we felt after losing our last two shelties. We saw Pam’s babies and literally fell in love. After about six months we found our new family member. We purchased our Wee Bonnie Blue from Pam as a pet. However it became quickly clear to Pam that Bonnie had show potential and Pam began to show her. Bonnie did well with the judges but, she did not take to the ring. Whenever we take her with us, we are stopped constantly by strangers telling us how beautiful she is. We couldn’t agree more!

Pam’s has such extensive knowledge about the breed we love so much (we have had four) and her dogs have such wonderful temperaments we never hesitate to tell those inquiring strangers where Bonnie came from and where they can get one too! Her artwork is so accurate we commissioned Pam to do portraits of all four of our shelties, three of which she had never seen before and worked only from old pictures. The results were breath taking! We recommend her artwork as highly as we recommend her shelties!

Charles and Marsha Lund Richmond , Texas

In early 2009, our family was ready to add a second Sheltie to our home. We thought that we wanted a female, because we assumed it would be easier for our 9 year old male and we wanted a blue merle because I knew it had been the “in” color for years, I just didn’t know why. I contacted a breeder that I had used before. He referred me to Pam Pool and Allusion Shelties.
We were fortunate to call Pam at a time when she had a new litter that contained what we thought we were looking for. We visited with Pam and the puppies a number of times before they we had to make a selection and could bring our puppy home. Pam answered all of our questions and was patient with us throughout the process. We found Pam to be very knowledgeable and helpful to us in the selection process. Pam’s goal is to find a good home for all of her puppies and dogs. She wants you to be happy and the dog to have a good home.

Although we thought we were getting a pet, we have ended up with much more. If you are looking for a companion who will be healthy and with you a long time, or a dog for agility or other competition, talk with Pam. We look forward to many years with our Zoey.

Mark and Julia Pierce Katy , Texas

Pam Pool-owner, breeder, handler, artist
Phone: (281) 344-0809 or Email: pam@allusionshelties.com
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